Why Some Parcels Are Best Left to a Courier

There are a wide range of reasons to choose a courier over standard delivery methods. With a courier you can choose the size of the vehicle, as well as express delivery options for more urgent items. Below we’re looking at the different types of item that you would most certainly want to leave with a professional courier.

Delicate or Fragile Items

Did you know that 27th January is bubble wrap appreciation day? You certainly would appreciate it if it were protecting a rather fragile item such as a vase or piece of artwork. 

With a courier you can take the worry out of moving delicate goods from one place to another, as couriers (unlike generally deliveries) are specialists in delivering different types of goods. They also tend to have decades of experience, with a mind for logistics. 

fragile delivery

Expensive or One of a Kind Items

If you need to move an item that is completely custom then it is understandable that you want it to remain in one piece. Bespoke items, by nature, are also more costly – so it’s essential to ensure there is no damage to them during transit.

With a courier you can rest assured that all items are given complete care and attention. Our drivers are fully equipped to ensure a safe and smooth transit for any goods. From sculptures to bespoke furniture.

Important or Urgent Items

Sometimes, you need something faster than a speeding bullet. This is especially true for those working with sensitive information or legal documentation. 

Perhaps you are a lawyer in court who needs a case changing document, or maybe you’re a doctor who needs access to previous medical records in order to best treat a patient. There’s many reasons why you would need this service, and couriers are the best and most effective way to get urgent items to their destination fast.

document courier

Particularly Large or Obscure Items

Do you have something larger than life you need to move? Moving larger or heavier items can feel daunting, but couriers are a great way to ensure it happens.

Obscure and oddly shaped items can also feel awkward to move around, but no matter how weird or wonderful your item is you can be sure that a courier can help. At Redhead, our team have the experience and training to ensure they can take on any item.

If you have an item you want to move, but need a helping hand, get in touch with our team today. We’re more than happy to provide a quick quote over the phone or by email. Call us now on 0845 544 1888 or email info@redheadcouriers.com

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