When Deliveries Go Wrong

Getting deliveries is quite common these days. From bits and pieces on Amazon to your dinner from Deliveroo. You get have everything brought to you at the click of a button; you don’t even have to get up off the sofa. But sometimes, the delivery service provided isn’t quite up to scratch.

That’s why we’re looking at a few examples of bad deliveries, from not so hidden objects to monumental damages. This is why it’s important to state where you want your package on your delivery notes when ordering online. Always have a safe place or leave it with a neighbour, here’s why…

Here you can see how one delivery driver has very cleverly concealed the package by making use of the doormat. It’s just a shame that the doormat is just a smidgen smaller than the package.


Here, we can what is considered many people’s worst nightmare. A very large and expensive television delivered in such a terrible state, it’s unwatchable.


Poor deliveries are not limited to parcels, food deliveries can also be a little lax. Like this now half-and-half pizza. Half the pizza = half the calories, right?


Getting important mail is a rare treat for many of us in this day and age, so it’s nice to see some posties taking extra care with important messages.


Here, the delivery driver has decided for extra security to lock the owner inside their home… now only those outside the home can snatch it.


The top one shows a new ‘stacked’ pizza style, while the bottom one brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “add extra sauce”.


Fragile packages usually come with very clear signage. It’s usually big, red and bold – quite hard to miss. Unfortunately, not everyone can see them.


Although looking at the above is quite amusing, it’s not so fun when you’re delivering valuable or priceless goods. At Redhead Couriers we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient services, with same day deliveries and the ability to deliver anything from a sofa to an entire shops worth of goods.

Our drivers are hand picked for their quality and professionalism. They are also tracked via Samsara tracking, with quick-links to see your delivery available upon request. Find out more about what we can offer you today.

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