What Building Was Like Before Machines

Mankind and construction have enjoyed a hand-in-hand relationship since the dawn of time. Of course, concepts such as building material distribution have evolved alongside transportation systems. This is mainly thanks to the progression of technology. To appreciate just how far we have come, it is important to take a look at what construction was like before the presence of machines.

The Ancient Roots of Building Material Distribution

As you may have already imagined, ancient transportation services mainly involved manual labour. Alongside people-power, animals such as horses and oxen were used. These methods were somewhat effective in their own right. However, their limitations meant that materials could only be transported over short distances. For this reason, many civilisations remained localised once they began to transform into agricultural communities. There were certain societies though, which began to take the notion of building transportation to entirely new levels.

Simple Yet Effective Innovations

There is no doubt that the invention of the wheel had a dramatic impact upon building material distribution. However, we also need to emphasise the critical role that roads played. This is due to the fact that the environment itself hampered many ancient transportation services. Some cultures such as the Egyptians and (more importantly) the Romans began to construct networks of roads. This allowed them to expedite existing transportation systems. Without roads, the pyramids might have never existed! In the same respect, it is doubtful that the Roman empire would have ever grown so large were it not for a series of complex and well-built roads.

What About Large and Bulky Items?

Although roads did influence building transportation techniques, logistics still relied heavily upon manual labour. Whether referring to paid workers or slaves, the movement of heavy or awkward materials presented many challenges. It is no surprise that human ingenuity once again came into play. During Egyptian times, larger items such as obelisks would often be transported down the Nile River. The Chinese would use a series of log rollers placed beneath heavy objects in order to reduce friction (so that they could be pushed or pulled easier). Other interesting techniques which existed before modern machines include fulcrums and levers. These techniques also helped ancient humanity to achieve the seemingly impossible.

A Testament to Human Ingenuity

Of course, modern building material distributors are able to use host of amazing techniques, thanks in large part to the availability of complex machinery. This is used to simplify even the most demanding of construction projects. Machinery is one of the main reasons why there are relatively few geographical limitations in this day and age.

It is important to remember that the concept of building material distribution is nothing new. There is no doubt that these methods will continue to evolve as time goes on. Still, it is always wise to remember that even the most futuristic systems are based upon what can only be called truly humble roots!

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