The Pros of Using Furniture Couriers When Moving House

Why use a furniture courier when relocating to a different area? One of the main reasons for this is because moving house is high on the list of the most stressful things to do in life.

Creating a comfortable home takes a lot of time and commitment, and isn’t something that happens overnight. Consequently, dismantling that home and moving it to somewhere else is a major undertaking. The good news is, there are a number of things you can do to make it less challenging. And one of the simplest ways to reduce the stress is to use a courier service.

Here at Redhead Couriers we understand how difficult moving house can be. So for the last 16 years we’ve been making it as easy for our customers as possible. Read on if you’d like to discover more about the benefits of a reliable furniture delivery service.

Furniture Courier

Why moving can be stressful

There’s a lot to think about when moving house, and if it isn’t done right, a lot can go wrong. Many of the items you’re moving will be things that mean a lot to you. In other words, you need them to arrive safely and in one piece at your new home. If you’ve hired a self-drive or a budget removal firm, that might not happen.

Timing is important, too, so furniture delivery needs to be well coordinated. Large items arriving too early or too late can make the whole exercise a lot more complicated. In addition, cut-price firms sometimes use older vans, and breakdowns are not uncommon.

Carrying large items through tight doorways, along corridors and upstairs takes a certain amount of know-how and experience. What you don’t want is damage to either furniture or walls, particularly if your new home has just been decorated.

Why choose a courier?

Reliable delivery

Choosing a furniture courier you can trust will make your experience of moving a dream rather than a nightmare. A reliable business like Redhead Couriers will arrive on time and deliver on time. Loading and unloading will be done swiftly and safely, meaning your treasured possessions will remain intact.

Heavy items

A surprising number of homeowners are injured during house moves. That’s because lifting heavy items of furniture or domestic appliances can be bad for your health. It’s far better to leave it to people who have the experience and ability to do the job properly.

Better transport

A man with a van may be cheap to hire, but expensive in terms of time. At Redhead Couriers we have a large fleet of vehicles and can move multiple pieces of furniture in one trip. That will make the whole process quicker and a lot less stressful.

Redhead Couriers Ltd

We aim to make your move as hassle-free and smooth as possible, and we’re good at what we do. Having our own vehicles and our own drivers makes our furniture courier service faster, more efficient and more reliable. Contact us today to find out how we can help to make your move as easy as it can be.

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