The Benefits of Choosing a Local Courier Company

Nowadays, customers expect everything from dinner tables to takeaways delivered on time. As more and more purchases happen online, more and more companies are having to turn to dedicated couriers to keep up with demand.

Of course, one option is to send your parcels with the biggest courier companies. This could be the postal service, or one of the largest firms. But for many businesses, it may be better to work with a local courier.

But why should you work with a local courier service in Essex instead of the bigger firms?

In this post, we’ll look at the many ways local courier services in Essex are ahead of the competition, and how they can help your business excel.

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Flexible, Reliable, Scalable

There are certainly bigger companies you could work with than a local courier service. But a bigger company doesn’t always mean better service.

During busy periods, the nationwide postal service can often be overwhelmed. This can mean delays, lost packages, and mixed messages. During these times, customers can soon overrun helplines, making them difficult to reach.

So how do local courier services avoid this?

Firstly, a local courier is flexible and scalable. You can arrange deliveries well in advance or on the same day. Whichever way you choose to go about things, your local courier service will only take on what they can fulfil. Unlike larger companies, your deliveries become the courier’s top priority. For express service during peak times, there’s no better option.

With every delivery, you’ll get to know your local, trusted team of couriers more and more. From the drivers through to customer service, there’ll be a friendly face seeing your deliveries through. In the unlikely event something goes wrong with a delivery, you’ll get answers quickly. There’s no long waits and busy customer helplines – just helpful, personal customer service.

Although it’s unlikely you will lose anything with a local courier service. For one, all deliveries are tracked. This tracking can give you regular updates on the location of your parcels. There’s no ambiguity, and no need to wait around. If you know exactly when your goods will arrive, you can use your time more effectively.

So, if you’re planning to make deliveries around Essex or nationwide, why not work with a local courier service near Colchester?

Redhead Couriers: Local Couriers, Nationwide Delivery

Redhead Couriers are a courier service in Essex, ran by a family team who specialise in express delivery. Over the last 16 years, they’ve built up a reputation for swift, reliable service. Alongside this growing reputation sits an ever-growing fleet of vehicles ready for every kind of delivery job.

With vehicle tracking, friendly service, and nationwide coverage, we’re always looking to expand and help out new businesses.

Are you looking for a same day courier service in Essex or the surrounding area? If so, get in touch with Redhead Couriers today.

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