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Driver Justin
Driver Dave
Been with Redhead 14 years. Furthest driven probably Inverness although in early days did Holland, Belgium and France! Delivery of a kitten to Bath was up there with best. Oddest item...2 ton of sex aids. The area I most like driving is probably Scotland. The scenery is breathtaking. What sets us apart is we never say no and always deliver...with a smile. If it's possible we will do the delivery. That is why people like Redhead.
Driver Gary
Driver Richard
I've been with Redhead 5 1/2 years and the furthest I've traveled in one day is Edinburgh and back. Both my most memorable and strangest drop has to be large plastic cows. We are a friendly bunch offering a direct service, and our dedicated service has to be a good draw. My favourite drive has to be either across the Pennines or N Wales. Our logo always makes me laugh as in the summer it gets other drivers hopes up...........then they see me!
Driver Richie
Driver Scott
I've worked 2 years as a courier and 10 months with Redhead. I've delivered everything from a decorated Christmas tree to a potters wheel. We're a dedicated service who are always on time. I always get asked who the lady is and whether it's the guvnors wife!
Managing Director Andy
Driver Craig
Driver Adam
I have been working for Redhead couriers for just over three years, and I really enjoy the flexibility and variety it offers. I've travelled to all parts of the country, the furthest personally has been to Aberdeen. The A68 is quite a rollercoaster! Once I delivered a consignment of candles to Lady Forsyth. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Sir Brucie. As a company we stand out for a number of reasons, mainly due to our reliability, our personal friendly approach and our dedication to getting the job done well.
Controller Gus
Driver Andy J
I've been with Redhead 2 years driving lorries mainly. I once delivered an Apache helicopter rotor blade! We're a reliable sameday service - we care and it shows. Everyone asks who the lady is - I have no idea!
Driver Pete
Ops Manager Rory
Driver Tony

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