Starting The New Year With New Furniture

How long have you had your sofa? It may not surprise you to learn that the average sofa will last between 7 and 15 years. Keeping it good-as-new over that time can be hard, and keeping up with the latest trends and designs, is near impossible. The same goes for other large household items, such as cupboards or bed frames.

But when should you update your furniture? The best time of year to upgrade your furniture is debatable, but we would recommend Christmas and New year. But why is that so?

Christmas & January Sales

This time of year is jam packed full of great deals. All the way from Black Friday in November, all the way to February, you can find some fantastic deals on various household items, especially large items such as sofas or beds.

Retailers need to get in new stock, as the new year will bring in new ranges and designs. Keeping a large number of large, older items to hand just doesn’t make business sense, which is why retailers will offer serious discounts on these items. 

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New Ranges for 2020

As we have already touched on, a new year also means a bunch of new ranges for a multitude of furniture items. Although design trends are not always seasonal, retailers may update the designs of existing products to better suit customers.

For example, if this winter there is a 3 seater sofa you like, but you really want a 2 seater (and it’s not available), they may bring out a 2 seater version in the new year. Retailers rely on customer feedback to make better product ranges.

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Updated Interior Designs

Although it doesn’t happen as often, there are still shifts in popular interior designs. If you have a cupboard from 3 years ago, it may still suit the room. However, if you have one that’s 15 years old it may look outdated compared to other pieces.

The best time to upgrade furniture is at the start of one of these design shifts. You can then ensure that your home will remain modern for longer, making the most out of your purchase.

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