Sending Liquids by Courier in the UK

When it comes to packing and shipping liquid you need to be 100% sure that it is secure before sending it. Liquids that are despatched without being fully secured could leak out and ruin your product or anything else inside. In addition, if your product arrives in a ruined state, your clients are going to be frustrated and angry. Therefore, the best way to send liquid by courier is by following our guide for safe packing and shipping of liquids. Here are the steps you should take when sending liquids by courier in the UK.

Liquid parcels wrapped and ready to send on a wooden bench

  1. Check what you can ship

While you can send most liquids by courier, there are some that will not be accepted due to safety reasons. Certain liquids that contain alcohol such as perfumes and paints may not be shipped due to their flammability. That said, alcoholic beverages like beer and wine are usually safe. So with this in mind check with your courier as to what they accept before sending liquid in a parcel.

  1. Make sure the container has a double seal

To ensure the safety of your liquid, make sure there is a double seal around the opening of your container. This double seal is usually an extra layer of plastic covering the lid but can also include a strip of strong tape covering the opening. This removes the need for any extra packaging and ensures the lid won’t accidently pop off during transport.

  1. Include a waterproof layer

If you have a waterproof covering such as a bag, put the container with liquid inside. Make sure the bag completely covers the container and seal it. You can even put the bag inside a second, larger waterproof bag for further protection. Make sure to seal both bags well and use rubber bands to hold the container in place within.

  1. Put perishable liquids in a Styrofoam cooler

If you have any perishable liquids, then you need to make sure they remain cold during transit. Put your waterproof bag with container inside into a Styrofoam cooler as this will insulate the liquid from any heat. Place enough frozen gel packs inside the cooler to make sure it remains cold throughout the journey and won’t slide around.

  1. Put your container in a package and mark it

Choose a sturdy box to pack your container or cooler in and fill it with packing material such as foam peanuts for extra protection. Place your container or cooler on top of the layer of packing material and fill the rest of the box with the material. Add several layers of strong packing tape to any seams to ensure the box will not accidently open during transit. Finally, mark your box with words like “FRAGILE” and “LIQUID” using either stickers or permanent marker.

  1. Use a trusted courier

When it comes to the best way to send liquid by courier, this final step is the most important. Make sure the courier has the means to deliver the product safely. In addition, choose overnight shipping or same day delivery if you are shipping any perishable liquids. The faster your product reaches its destination, the less risk of breakages or damage.

Sending a liquid by courier can be a daunting experience, but with Redhead Couriers, this need not be the case! To find out more about how we can assist you with our professional service, same-day delivery options and competitive prices, please get in touch with our friendly team today.

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