3 Ways to Send an Overly Awkward Item

With coronavirus set to impact the busy winter season, those sending large parcels in the UK are facing new difficulties. It’s more important than ever that things are delivered safely and on time. Whilst the postal service is well suited for simple items like letters and small packages, awkward items call for a dedicated, adaptable courier service. After all, not every package is right for the average postman’s van, let alone a post-box! If you are wondering how to send a large item, consider a reliable courier service like Redhead Couriers. Our large fleet of delivery vehicles allows us to transport all kinds of items.

sending large parcels in the uk

Moving Construction Materials

The materials needed for a construction project come in a range of awkward shapes and sizes. These materials must be kept secure on the road, but they also need loading and unloading promptly and safely. Therefore, if you are seeking a large item courier for construction materials, a drop-side flatbed van is a good option. With secure straps, a flatbed is equally suited to transporting fragile materials like glass as it is the hardiest timber and metalwork. Secured correctly, there’s enough room for items of up to 6m in length. With the sides and rear of the bed capable of dropping, packages can be easily unloaded with a forklift.

Safely Shipping Furniture

Sending furniture poses its own challenges, as it cannot be as densely packed as construction material. For example, those looking to move furniture will need the reassurance that their items will be well handled. Opting for an experienced furniture courier will provide this peace of mind. Redhead Courier’s Luton van is fitted with a tail lift and side curtain, and served by equipment including trolleys, straps, and blankets. In other words, all these features make the Luton van a strong furniture delivery option. This will keep unique furniture secure in transit, and enable easy unloading.

Delivering Retail Goods

In the run up to Christmas, shop shelves are likely to be filled with items of diverse and awkward shapes. It takes a courier experienced in retail distribution to bring them safely and swiftly together. Redhead Couriers have the right vehicles to serve you; whether you’re in need of a small van to ship several awkwardly shaped packages, or after a larger curtain-side lorry to bring in varied stock. Therefore, no matter what quantities you need transporting, you’ll find a vehicle to match your needs and budget. If you’re sending large parcels throughout the UK in the coming months, an express shipping option is the best way to get even the most awkward items on and off the shelves in time.

Sending Large Parcels is Easy with Redhead Couriers

Redhead Couriers have a fleet of delivery vehicles suited to every kind of package. No matter how awkward the item, sending large parcels in the UK is performed speedily and safely by our experienced team. If you need a hand with any kind of delivery, get in touch with our experienced large parcel couriers today.

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