How Using A Courier Could Save You Thousands

The transportation of legal documents is a serious undertaking. These could be sensitive court papers, legal tenders, contracts, or expert reports in connection with family law. The courts and solicitors often need papers at short-notice and within a specified time frame. Failure to achieve this can have a significant effect on outcomes.

You need to choose your legal document courier service carefully. Your client has entrusted documents to you, and when you place them in the hands of a courier you need to be certain they will remain confidential and secure.


Your legal courier service must be able to respond quickly to your needs and collect the documents for delivery within an hour of you making the booking. You also need assurance that they will be delivered on time. The team at Redhead Couriers specialise in same-day delivery services, with our own vehicles and employed drivers. Our couriers are able to collect from the local Suffolk or Essex within 40 minutes, and further afield within 60 minutes. We can then deliver nationwide, no matter the destination.


Being able to book online quickly and knowing that your order will be picked up immediately is the first step.

Once the documents have been collected, you will want to track them and be able to find out instantly where they are. Your chosen legal document courier service should deploy GPS satellite navigation, keep abreast of travel disruption and avoid it. The documents will need to be signed for once delivered. This is best achieved with an electronic point of delivery system that lets you see who signed and at what time.

Our delivery fleet are all fitted with the latest Samsara tracking, so you can keep track of your package at all times. All deliveries are electronically signed, instantly uploaded from our driver’s phone and emailed to you directly.


Many firms will claim to be secure couriers but legal document delivery is a specialism so choose an established courier with an excellent reputation. Their staff should be trained to handle confidential information and keep it secure. They should also be DBS checked.


You don’t want to spend your valuable time listening to your courier’s answering service or waiting for call backs. You need a single point of contact that you can get hold of quickly and easily. It all comes down to great customer support, and you must ensure that is available at the level you need it. At Redhead Couriers, we pride ourselves on our high level of customer care. We will look after you and your delivery at all times.


Your legal courier service should be insured against the loss or damage of your documents. Should this occur, you will need to be properly compensated. You should also consider penalty clauses for late delivery.

Save Money

You could be your own courier, but why would you? That would require a significant investment. You would have to cover the salary of at least one member of staff, and what do you do when they are ill or on leave? You would need to provide a vehicle and meet fuel and regular maintenance costs. As you can see, the costs stack up.

Using land mail is another option for your legal documents, but how secure is it, really? Think of the time you will spend travelling to the post office and queuing. Plus, using a specialist courier can reduce your postage costs by around 50%!

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand the benefits and cost-effectiveness provided by using a legal document courier service. When you choose to work with the Redhead Couriers team, a professional secure courier will quickly collect your documents, keep them confidential and secure and deliver them, on time every time. Contact us today to arrange your next delivery!

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