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In the legal sector, documents can make or break a case. Courts work to strict deadlines, and in many cases, documents need to be deposited within very strict timeframes.

If certain files aren’t in the right hands at the right time, months (or even years) of hard work could unravel in an instant.

As a legal firm with a responsibility to protect your clients’ legal documentation, you need to be sure that you partner with a legal document courier that is trained to handle confidential materials. There is no excuse for poor handling or unexpected losses – your legal courier needs to guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your files, especially if you’ve placed an urgent order.

Providing reliable legal courier services to lawyers, courts and other legal firms

At Redhead Couriers, we work quickly and dependably to deliver shipments of any size and any importance. Our team has a great deal of experience in shipping important files and will go to great lengths to ensure your legal documents reach their destination on time and in exceptional condition.

Our setup allows us to keep our courier fees competitive without compromising on our level of service. Though we’ve established an excellent reputation in Colchester and throughout the South East of England, we’re also able to provide our legal courier service to firms across the whole of the UK thanks to our extensive bank of contacts.

We have fitted all of our vehicles with state of the art satellite navigation systems to make sure we’re taking the fastest route possible, and all of our team are provided with traffic updates at regular intervals throughout the day, ensuring they steer clear of heavy traffic that could cause unnecessary delays.

We also know just how important it is that your consignment is kept safe and secure at every stage of the journey. Our drivers will treat your files with the utmost care and attention and your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed. Best of all, our fleet is fully tracked, so if you need an update as to the status of your delivery, all you need to do is call the office and you’ll receive an accurate estimated time of arrival.

To speak to a member of our team about our express courier services for lawyers and legal firms, call 0845 5441888 now.

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