Moving Your Business From A to B

Moving doesn’t have to be a pain. It’s an exciting and challenging time. Maybe you have been planning the move for months, you have found somewhere where the retail distribution isn’t as challenging, and now you have finally completed the legalities and are ready to relocate.

Are you moving your retail premises?

Moves need to be carefully planned months in advance. Why not involve Redhead Couriers from an early stage? You would be surprised how many of our customers relocate their businesses because of issues with retail distribution. We have years of experience, and our friendly and efficient team can advise you on packing up your business, the type of vehicle/vehicles you will need to complete your move and an estimate of the likely cost. You can then factor these elements into your plans.

Compile a comprehensive to do list

We always advise our clients to compile a comprehensive to-do list to work through. A to-do list helps to ensure that nothing is missed or left to chance. You are making a big decision, perhaps in the hope of overcoming problems with retail distribution, so you want to hit the ground running by making sure your utility supplies will be switched on in the new premises along with your phone and Internet connections; these things can be easily overlooked.

Redhead Couriers are Retail Distributors and experts in business moves in Essex and beyond


A key component of any successful move is packing. You need to make sure you order sufficient packing cases and materials well in advance of your move. You can then take time packing things away carefully and label the crates, pieces of equipment and items of furniture. A short description, where necessary, of what the crate contains, together with the room or location in your new premises you want the item deposited.

Timings on the day of the move

A move can go like clockwork until you get to the new premises and realise that the clause in the contract that means you can’t gain access until a certain time. We can advise you on the time it will take to load what needs to be moved onto our vehicle and how long the journey to the new premises is likely to take but you need to sort out any access issues.

Why engage Redhead Couriers?

Redhead Couriers is a family run business where the needs of our customers are of primary importance. You can be assured that we are dedicated to meeting your requirements. Our business has been operating in the Essex, Sussex and Greater London area for many years and we have a library of testimonials from those who have used our services for many different reasons, including retail distribution. What is more, we have the largest fleet of couriers in the UK, so no matter where you are situated, we can reach you. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles ranging from small vans up to larger curtain sided lorries.

Whether you are moving to a new shop premises or for other reasons, let Redhead Couriers play a major role for you. You won’t regret it.

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