Why Should You Partner With a Furniture Courier Service?

When it comes to moving furniture, finding the right courier makes all the difference. Many delivery services will consider larger furniture as oversized and overweight items. But not all furniture comes in a flat pack, especially items like beds. Additionally, if you deal in antique furniture, this needs extra care in handling.

If you opt for a regular courier service, the size of your furniture can lead to additional expenses and unwanted delays. To keep your furniture transport on budget and on time, you’ll want to partner with a dedicated furniture and bed courier service. A dedicated furniture and bed courier service will have the vehicles and drivers to keep deliveries timely and reliable.

Furniture and bed courier service

The Benefits of a Dedicated Furniture Courier

By choosing a dedicated furniture courier, you can be sure your furniture will quickly get to where it needs to be; and it doesn’t matter how large your item is. You might be wondering, “how long does it take to get a bed delivered?”. With the same-day express delivery services on offer from Redhead Couriers, the answer is: as soon as you need it. Our typical nationwide wait time is just an hour, so our team is never far away.

Regular courier services can often treat large items, such as furniture, as oversized exceptions. If you’re a business that regularly dispatches furniture, sending a bed by courier with services like these is inefficient. You want a scalable courier service. A service that has the right vehicle for every job, where parcel size or shape is no issue.

Redhead Couriers have a large fleet of transport vehicles that allows us to tackle furniture deliveries of every size. Whether your job calls for a small van, a flatbed or a curtain-side truck, Redhead Couriers will have the perfect vehicle for the task. Our range of vehicles allow us to load and unload your furniture safely, and transport it securely. Whether it’s a cabinet, chair, or bed courier service you’re after, we’re on hand to help.

Redhead Couriers: Fast Furniture Delivery

Having the tools to tackle every furniture delivery with confidence keeps Redhead Couriers’ service speedy. But this speed is match by other benefits. All of Redhead Couriers vehicles are fitted with tracking devices, so you’ll always know where your furniture is. You can trust that using our dedicated furniture courier services will be reliable. As well as this, our excellent customer service reps are always on hand to keep you informed and resolve issues quickly.

With 15 years of experience working with furniture manufacturers, and a large fleet to hand, Redhead Couriers can help your business level up its furniture deliveries. Get in touch today to learn more, or arrange an express delivery.

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