How to Securely Package your Fragile Parcels

Shipping a lot of packages can be tricky at the best of times. But sending fragile items can often seem even more difficult. Broken or lost items can end up costing companies.

Customers will often expect a refund, and be less than impressed with your service. Fragile items don’t just include things like glassware and ceramics. From antique items to modern electronics, there are many kinds of packages that call for extra care.

To ensure your fragile parcels arrive safely, you’ll want to package them securely, and where possible, work with a specialist courier for fragile items. So how do you securely package your fragile parcels?

Courier For Fragile Items

Pack your Parcels Properly

Ensuring your shipments arrive safely begins with packaging. But this means more than simply writing ‘Fragile’ on the box.

It’s common to see old boxes reused when sending parcels. However, when shipping fragile goods it’s best to use a new box. A new box is much more likely to withstand impacts, retain its shape, and avoid water damage. Using new boxes will also help you find the right sized box for the job, as you want items to fit snugly inside to prevent damage.

Bubble wrap is an essential when transporting fragile objects. Wrap several layers around your items until it’s difficult to see colours through it. If your box is quite large, you can fill out space around the item with the use of airbags or foam inserts.

Polystyrene chips are a great way to pad out the bottom of your package, and can also be used to fill any void space. Crumpled craft paper is another good, cost effective material for filling awkward gaps.

Finally, you need to seal your package properly. For this, you’ll want proper packing tape. Seal the main seam of the box and reinforce the sides. It’s good to be generous with tape to ensure the item doesn’t force its way out during handling.

Choose Redhead Couriers As Your Courier For Fragile Items

After securely packaging your parcel, there’s another way you can ensure its safety in transit: with the help of an express courier for fragile items.

Many larger postal services consider safe packaging as the responsibility of the sender. In many instances, writing ‘Fragile’ on the box won’t mean your item is given special treatment. But working with a fragile courier service in the UK is one way you can secure greater safety for your items.

Express service means your item will spend less time at depots where parcels can be prone to damage. Redhead Couriers have vehicles specifically for transporting fragile items, with drivers who’ll handle your items with care. And with tracking on all our vehicles, you’ll know where your item is, and when it will be delivered.

If you’re looking for a courier company in London to fulfil the delivery of your fragile items, work with Redhead Couriers for deliveries to and from any location in the UK.

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