Surprising Guinness World Records for Deliveries

Have you ever been frustrated that a package has failed to arrive on time? On the other hand, you might have been pleasantly surprised when a door to door delivery came days earlier than expected. Either way, the world has come to rely upon dedicated couriers for countless requirements. A¬†handful of these couriers have gone well beyond their call of duty. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing delivery records which have been recorded by Guinness.

Technology Takes to the Skies

Drones are becoming an increasingly common method to deliver products to customers. While still in their infancy, some companies have already proven how effective these unmanned vehicles can be. In 2019, the Chinese company LOULAI used a drone to deliver a product nearly 16 miles away in only 34 minutes. If you have been looking for a service to deliver ice cream before it melts, this could be a great option!

When You Just Need a Slice of Pizza

All of us have had a craving for pizza from time to time. However, what if you are hungry for a specific type that is made in a certain area of the world? You might be in luck if you choose the right courier delivery service. One amazing example of this took place in 2006. A New Zealand man placed an order from a pizza shop in Madrid, Spain. This succulent slice travelled a ridiculous 12,346 miles over a period of three days. We only hope that the toppings were still fresh by the time it arrived!

Aiming High

It seems that pizza has become quite popular when it comes to express delivery services; regardless of the altitude. Pizza Hut Africa and Yum! Brands were tasked with delivering a pizza to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tasmania in 2016. Believe it or not, the courier was required to ascend 19,347 feet (5,897 metres) in order to satisfy a particularly hungry customer. Talk about a door to door delivery service that aims to please! Let’s just hope that the driver received a hefty tip upon arrival.

When Door to Door Delivery Takes its Time

While the facts mentioned above are certainly impressive, we need to remember that not all records were made to be broken. Although the Royal Mail has been known for its efficiency, there are times when letters slip through the cracks. A parcel originally dated 29 November 1919 took no fewer than 89 years to arrive at its intended destination in 2008. Furthermore, there was no explanation as to why it took nearly a century to be delivered.

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