Why Exclusive Discounts Are Great For Shifting Old Stock

Finding a reliable furniture courier service may not be the next item on your to-do list. But when you need one, the company you choose could make a huge difference to you and your business. Planning a refurbishment is a big deal for anyone, but for retailers of large items it can be particularly tough. If you’re planning to relocate or refit your furniture store, what do you do with the stock?

Here at Redhead Couriers we love to work with our customers, including home and shop fitters across the country. We offer a reliable, friendly and hands-on commercial courier service, and specialise in urgent deliveries that won’t break the budget.

Read on for some suggestions for any retailers looking to move unsold stock prior to a refit.

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Discount Your Stock

Refits and refurbishments can be a logistical nightmare for large item retailers, particularly when it comes to retail distribution. The refit itself is a major undertaking, particularly if there are significant amounts of furniture stock to move around. If its a refurbishment the items may need to go into storage while the work takes place. If it’s a relocation it will need to be moved to the new premises. Clearly life would be easier if some of the stock could be sold.

One way of achieving that aim is to reduce the price. Offering discounts on high-ticket items can often tip the balance in favour of a sale. Make sure to use the refit or relocation as the reason for the price cuts, so your customers know the business is still thriving. Our furniture courier service can help by allowing you to offer your customers a fast and efficient delivery service.

Local advertising will help spread the word about your discounts, but don’t forget the power of merchandising. If you have more than one of an item, display one at the front of the shop and the other near the back. Make the most of your shop window if you have one, and use posters to shout about your exclusive discounts.

Organise a Sale

Another effective way of generating interest in unsold stock is to organise your own sale. Flash sales can be a powerful and effective format. The downside is that if you limit the duration of the event, it can also limit your chances of making sales.

A better idea could be a named event, such as The Big Relocation Sale! This way you can start off with a lesser reduction, say 25%, then really catch people’s attention by going half price. Again, the important thing is to make sure people know about your sale. Ads in the local press and on social media will help, while handing out flyers in your town centre is another cost-effective option. And don’t forget those big, bold posters in your shop window. If you have a sandwich board, put a poster in there and place it out on the street.

Delivering large items to customers is part of the service we offer at Redhead Couriers. Whether you’re a shop fitter or a retailer, if you need a fast and reliable furniture courier service, call us for more information or advice and we’ll be happy to help.

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