Are You Ready For The Christmas Rush?

Every year, the months and days leading up to Christmas are an exceptionally busy time for retailers. And with this increased retail comes more demand for fast and timely parcel and pallet delivery across the UK. With this year’s second lockdown forcing many people to shop online from home, more and more presents will be delivered by courier. In fact, to meet the unique demands of a Christmas combined with a lockdown, large mail centres are hiring tens of thousands of additional temporary workers.

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How Christmas is Different this Year

In 2019, sales at Christmas in the UK hit a value of over 80 billion pounds. This massive Christmas spending has been growing year on year. Last year, it was estimated that around 40% of people did some of their Christmas shopping online. As more and more shops take full advantage of online retail, it’s clear this percentage will continue to rise, even before we consider the impact of coronavirus.

With coronavirus prompting many people to stay home, it’s only more likely that people choose to shop online. Many will feel unwilling to brace the crowds in December with social distancing in mind. High street shops will also have to limit their capacity. Not only this, but in the face of uncertainty, consumers are more likely to purchase their Christmas shopping earlier than usual. All this means a massive boost in online retail throughout the Christmas period. But retail is ultimately only as fast as its delivery network. Every single order must reach its customer by parcel and pallet delivery all across the UK.

For this reason it’s essential to have a strong courier service supporting online retailers. For help navigating the rush, you could seek out a dedicated courier service. Redhead Couriers are a team of devoted Essex couriers who can get packages and parcels of all shapes and sizes delivered on time.

Parcel and Pallet Delivery in the UK

With Redhead Couriers extensive fleet of vehicles and experienced couriers, you can take the stress out of the Christmas rush. With vans, flatbed trucks and lorries at our disposal, pallet delivery in the UK is simple and speedy. Our same day delivery service can help you avoid the chaos of other mail delivery groups.

Pallets will arrive on time, with tracking on all our fleet vehicles to keep you updated. Though Christmas is always a busy period, it doesn’t have to be stressful with Redhead Couriers. For all your delivery needs over the busy Christmas months, consider fulfilling them with Redhead Couriers. Contact us today to arrange your delivery.

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